Environmentally-Friendly Disposable Bagasse Plates by Zhongcai Products: Hot and Cold Food Solutions

For a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to plastic or foam disposable products, explore Zhongcai Products’ 9″ and 10″ natural bagasse plates without PFAS additives. Designed for hot and cold foods, these plates are perfect for restaurants, caterers, and sandwich shops serving a variety of items, from hot pizza slices to refreshing to-go salads. Make a sustainable choice without compromising on convenience.

China Bagasse Disposable Plate

Sustainable Material Choice Crafted from repurposed sugarcane fiber and naturally grown plant fibers, this product is fully compostable, enabling a reduction in your carbon footprint. It serves as an excellent eco-conscious substitute for plastic or foam, catering to establishments in search of sustainable and environmentally friendly dinnerware options. Additionally, these items are CE certified, ensuring 100% compostability in professionally managed municipal or industrial facilities when the disposal time arrives.

Featured Product

Vol: 750ml (237*170*45mm)

  1. ompletely free from chemicals, made with all-natural ingredients.
  2. Resistant to water, oil, and high temperatures without the use of fluorine-based oil repellants.
  3. Fully biodegradable, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  4. Suitable for use in microwaves, freezers, and ovens.
  5. Exhibits exceptional strength and hardness.
  6. Possesses inherent antibacterial properties.
Specification: D235xH18mm D178xH15mm; D205xH18mm;
 Vol: 450ml  225ml: 280ml
Specification: D235xH18mm; D310xH15mm; D152.4xH18mm
 Vol: 460ml 580ml  158ml
Specification: D152.4xH18mm :D254xH20mm D260xH38xT0.7mm
 Vol:  158ml 680ml 1100ml
9″ Round Plate 15 125 4 500 23.2 1.8 47*24*31
8.8″ Classic Round Plate 15 125 4 500 22.6 2.2 46*24*32
9″ 3-Compartment Plate 15 125 4 500 22.8 1.8 46*24*33
Weight / PC (g) Pcs / Bag Bags / Case Pcs / Case Product Dimensions (cm)
Case Dimensions (cm)
6″ Plate (rippled edge) 6 125 8 1000 15.5 1.2 32*24*32
6″ Plate (wide edge) 7 125 8 1000 15.5 1.6 33*30*33
7″ Plate (rippled edge) 9 125 8 1000 18.2 1.5 37.5*37.5*23
7″ Classic Round Plate 10 125 8 1000 18 2 37.5*37.5*34
6. 75″ Plate (wide edge) 9 125 8 1000 17.6 1.5 36*30*36
8″ Plate (rippled edge) 11 125 8 1000 21 1.8 43*24*43

Classic Round Plate

21 125 4 500 26 2.5 52*19*52
10″ Classic Round Plate 18 125 4 500 26 2.5 52*18*52
10″ 3

Compartment Plate

21 125 4 500 26 2.2 53*19*52.5
9″ Oval Plate 7″ x 5″ center 13 125 8 1000 23.3 16.5 2.2 47*37*47
10.3″ Oval Plate 16 125 4 500 26.3 20 2.2 32*27*41
12.6″ Oval Plate 28 125 4 500 32 25.5 2.2 32.5*32.5*52
5 Comp. School Tray 25 125 4 500 26.5 21.2 2.5 46*27*43.5
10“x5″ Rectangle Plate 17 125 4 500 26.2 13 1.5 31*27.5*28
6″Square Plate 15 125 4 500 16 16 1.5 36*33*18
8″Square Plate 20 125 4 500 20 20 2.2 42*29*22
10″Square Plate 30 125 4 500 26.2 26.2 1.9 51.5*27.5*27.5
Pizza Plate 34 125 2 250 32 1.8 53*33*33

Zhongcai Plate Advantages

High-Quality Materials
Varied Material for Choices

Our range of products consists of Bagasse Tableware, Eco Paper Cup, Paper Take Out Box, Paper Pasta Box, Paper Soup Bowl with Lids, Paper Salad Bowl with Lid, Paper Bag, Popcorn Cup, Fried Chicken Bucket, Paper Straw, Paper Plate, and more. Additionally, we offer PSM Cutlery, CPLA Cutlery, Cup Carrier, Aluminum Foils material cutlery, and other items at highly competitive prices.


In addition to being a fully integrated manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Tablewares and Paper Packaging, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive food packaging solutions to our customers. Our factory holds certifications such as ISO, BRC, and BSCI, while our products have obtained approvals from BPI, OK Compost, FSC, SGS, EU, and LFGB, ensuring their quality and compliance with industry standards.

Superior Service

Our customers have the flexibility to combine various items from our product range into a single container, resulting in reduced minimum order quantities, procurement costs, logistic expenses, and in-house inventory. We offer ODM/OEM services, ensuring consistent quality, competitive pricing, stable lead times, and establishing ourselves as a reliable partner.

Superior Design
Varied Application

Our eco packaging materials are used in various industries and with varied materials, materials including biodegradable resins and natural fibers,biodegradable plastics, compostable packaging, recycled paper and cardboard, biodegradable bubble wrap, plant-based packaging, reusable packaging, and water-soluble packaging.

Environmentally Responsible Design

Crafted from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, this product is fully compostable, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint effectively. Unlike other disposable items that contribute to air pollution when incinerated, this eco-friendly option can be renewed and recycled. Moreover, EcoChoice dinnerware offers exceptional durability, resisting breakage or cracking under moderate pressure. Its oil-proof design ensures it can handle even the messiest menu items, making it a reliable and eco-conscious choice for your dining needs.

Generous Rim and Feature

Generous Rim for Convenience The ample rim of this plate allows you to confidently serve dishes with rich sauces, ensuring spills and messes are kept at bay.

Elegant White Finish Featuring a pristine white hue, this plate effortlessly complements various restaurant decors and themes. It provides a clean and inviting backdrop for any cuisine, enhancing the presentation of your dishes.

Top-Quality Choice

Outclassing other disposable options, this sugarcane/bagasse product occupies minimal storage space while accommodating heavier foods compared to paper or Styrofoam alternatives. Additionally, its production process demands significantly less energy, contributing to energy and resource conservation.

Quantity: 500 per Case Shipping Weight: 25 lb. Top Diameter: Available in 9 or 10 Inches Shape/Color: Round/White Design: Simple and Plain Special Features: Commercially Compostable, Microwave-Safe Material: Made from Plant Fiber, Uncoated Surface

China-based supplier of microwaveable, eco-friendly, and refrigeratable tableware.

Eco Cultery to Eco packaging materials. Packaging Materials can be used in various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, electronics, and e-commerce, among others, to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental footprint of packaging.

Enhance Your Business with Zhongcai

Looking for a reliable supplier of microwaveable, eco-friendly, and refrigeratable tableware in China? Look no further! We are your go-to source for high-quality, sustainable tableware solutions. Our products are not only microwave-safe but also eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy your meals while minimizing your environmental impact. With our refrigeratable tableware, you can conveniently store and preserve your food without compromising on freshness. As a trusted supplier in China, we prioritize quality, durability, and sustainability in every product we offer. Choose us for your tableware needs and make a positive impact on the planet. Contact us today to explore our wide range of eco-friendly options.

  • “I recently switched to Zhongcai Biodegradable Compartment plates for my catering business, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is excellent, and the fact that they are biodegradable gives me peace of mind knowing that I am making a positive impact on the environment.”

  • “I chose Zhongcai as my supplier of biodegradable plates because of the quality of the products. They have a very wide option of plates such as models and different eco-materials choosen. I am looking forward to making another business with you!”

  • “I highly recommend Zhongcai as a trusted  Compartment plates. The products have high-quality, excellent designs, and customized features. My specifications are also exactly followed. Zhongcai will always be my business supplier. Five stars for you and your team!”

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