PCR/qPCR Plate Supplier in China

Deeper manufactures PCR/qPCR plates with high efficient and compatible designs. It is often used to magnify DNA for following research-based applications.

  • Offers maximum accuracy and precision
  • Produced in 2 cleanrooms of 100,000 class
  • Multiple molds available
  • Free of Human DNA residue

Deeper PCR/qPCR Plate

For many reasons, Deeper PCR/qPCR plates are among the best on the market. These plates are engineered with optimal level designs suitable for PCR and sequential operations.

We used the highest quality virgin plastics in the entire custom plate production. The final product ensures excellent, accurate results in most PCR applications. All of them are free of solvents and other additions that could infect the samples.

At Deeper, different series are offered including 96 well PCR plate, semi skirted PCR plate, 384 well PCR plate, skirted PCR plate, and so on. All are manufactured according to ISO 9001&13485 certifications. For inquiries, please contact us today!

PCR/qPCR Plate Advantages

Smooth Surface
Smooth Surface

We produce custom PCR/qPCR plates with smooth surfaces. Aside from that, they are also safe for wide laboratory and biosystems applications.

High Consistency
High Consistency

We manufactured these plates using durable polycarbonate, making them highly consistent for wide laboratory applications. They are also safe to use.

Precise Results
Precise Results

Our custom plates have multiple outstanding formats to meet your qPCR requirements. They ensure precise, safe, and accurate PCR results.

Universally Compatible
Universally Compatible

Due to universal compatibility, these plates can be used for laboratory and qPCR applications. Available in custom formats, colors, and sizes.

Contamination-Free PCR/qPCR Plates

Custom PCR/qPCR plates are made in a cleanroom condition. Each plate is meticulously made, packaged, and dispatched to help minimize PCR contamination.  Therefore, you can expect that Deeper PCR/qPCR plates are free of pyrogens, DNA, RNA, RNases, DNases, or other impurities that can mess with your PCR’s efficient run.

These custom plates are available in non-skirted, semi-skirted, and fully skirted formats. With the clear and frosted appearance, it allows everyone to have rich alternative options. At Deeper, we are very confident our PCR/qPCR plates have optic quality –deliver benefits to your PCR operations and businesses.

Contamination-Free PCR/qPCR Plates
Content Block 2-Materials


Polypropylene is the most frequent material used in PCR/qPCR plate production. It is non-toxic and can survive severe weather patterns during thermal treatment. Polypropylene’s harmless nature helps to prevent reaction components from being absorbed, resulting in better PCR results.

However, this polypropylene used medical-grade or molecular biology–grade solution, which can ensure maximum uniformity, purity, and biocompatibility. Some of these plates also have stronger polycarbonate frames, ideal for unique PCR operations.


PCR/qPCR plates, especially in higher research, are widely marketed in a range of colors to aid visual arrangement and data recognition. Even though its color has no effect on DNA sequencing, frosted and/or white plastics are preferred over clear plastics when setting up reactions for real-time qPCR or PCR. It ensures precise and reliable fluorescence detection.

  • White plate – It provides remarkably better results in fluorescence signals analysis.
  • Frosted plate – Frosted color affects the PCR plate’s performance in real-time. It offered steadier qPCR results.
  • Clear plate – It improves sensitivity and minimizes fluctuation. It allowed the passage of fluorescence signals without tampering.
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Why Choose Deeper PCR/qPCR Plate

1-Why Choose Deeper PCRqPCR Plate
2-Why Choose Deeper PCRqPCR Plate

Since we’re founded, Deeper is dedicated to the research, development, and overall production of custom PCR/qPCR plates. These plates are commonly used in the forensic fields, medical diagnosis, epidemic control and prevention, food safety, quarantine and customs, scientific research, and more. If you have a business that requires unique PCR/qPCR plates, Deeper is your excellent supplier.

Currently, we are serving over 40 countries – Germany, France, the United States, Denmark, Korea, etc. Together with our professional designers and staff, Deeper can guarantee high-quality, safer custom plates intended for PCR needs.

We highlight the value of high-quality PCR/qPCR plates in achieving successful research observations, thus we try everything we can to maintain their quality and authenticity.

You are always welcome here! Deeper will fulfill its objective and work with you to shape the future.

Deeper PCR/qPCR Plate


Our PCR/qPCR plates come in 24 wells, 48 wells, 96 wells, and 384 wells formats to fit your following experiments. Further plate formats include:

  • Skirt – Categorized as non skirted, semi-skirted, and fully skirted.
  • Deck – The plate deck implies its upper surface. Its flat design provides a universal fit.
  • Notch – It is a modified edge of a PCR/qPCR plate.
  • SBS/ANSI footprint – Custom plates with SBS/ANSI format sustain standard height, footprint, and well positions.
  • Well rim – It is a usual feature of PCR/qPCR plates. Used to safely seal the plates against dispersal.
  • Lettering – Its use is aiding the analysis of specific wells and sample tracking. These letters are often printed in white or black.

There are a number of plate forms, sizes, and features offered. Acknowledging their properties and associated terminology can help deliver the best, precise PCR and qPCR findings. They come in standard features, such as:

  • Easy to cut using scissors
  • Available in skirted/non-skirted/semi-skirted formats
  • Autoclavable and light-walled
  • Built using unique formulated polypropylene
  • Developed for notable transparency DNA
  • Pyrogen FREE, RNase, RNA, RNase FREE
  • Feature uniformed & thin walls; ensuring accurate thermal transfer
  • Easy to handle
  • Color options: frosted, colored, or clear

Custom PCR/qPCR Plate to Skyrocket Your Brand

Non Skirted Plate

Non skirted plates are suitable for PCR/qPCR applications –can hold up to 0.3 mL well volume. They are provided with secured seals such as foils and adhesive films. These plates are suited for most thermal cycles.

Optical Plate

Our optical PCR/qPCR plates are made of low protein essential polypropylene. They are easily cuttable –only using scissors if needed. It features ultra-transparent, autoclavable, and fully sanitized.

96 Well PCR Plate, Skirted

The skirted 96 well PCR plate has a thin well wall and low-profile constructions. These plates are widely used for wide PCR and qPCR purposes. All featuring ANSI: SBS footprint and visible lettering.

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Skyrocket Your Business with Deeper

Deeper offered PCR/qPCR plates with complete features to satisfy intended applications. We supply customers across the world in a professional manner. Our support and services are always available if you need to customize the styles, measurements, and features of your PCR/qPCR plates!

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