1 ML Serological Pipette Manufacturer

Deeper manufacture 1 ml serological pipette provides consistent performance and reliability. Ideal use for tissue culture, sterile cell culture, and more.

  • Maximum clarity and accuracy
  • DNase-free, RNase-free, and Non-pyrogenic
  • Manufactured in a class 100,000 cleanroom
  • Free samples for all units

Deeper 1 ML Serological Pipette

1 ML Serological Pipette

Serological pipettes are used to transport a small volume of liquids quickly and safely. It works in the same way that an eye dropper or medicine dropper does. It’s also great for sterile cells, aseptic cells, tissue culture, or any non-toxic solution. These pipettes with 1 ml capacity are DNase/RNase-free, clean, and proven non-pyrogenic. Guaranteed free from any contaminations.

Deeper manufacture 1 ml pipettes according to the strictest protocols. They provide the highest level of accuracy and exceptional visual transparency. Other units come with a synthetic filter to prevent liquids from being drawn into the pipette. For simple identification, pipettes are color-coded according to international standards. These units are compatible with all popular brands of pipette controllers.

Each pipette is individually wrapped in thermoformed paper or plastic packaging. Need a custom solution? Contact us today.


1 ML Serological Pipette Advantages

Optical Clarity
Optical Clarity

The 1 ml serological pipette is made of research-grade polystyrene. It offers maximum transparency and clarity. With that, measuring the volume of liquid inside the pipette is accurate and straightforward.

Utmost Precision
Utmost Precision

The serological pipette of 1 ml is accurate to +/-3% at total volume. This unit increases volume accuracy. For the best results, combine your serological pipette with a micro-pipette for high precision.



All 1 ml pipettes are non-pyrogenic, sterile, free of Human DNA, and RNase, and DNase. Deeper ensures a sanitary working environment free of contamination from pipettes. Great use for your lab.

High sterility
High Sterility

Deeper sterilizes 1 ml serological pipette by Gamma irradiation. These pipettes are sterile and free from pyrogen. As a result, they use a special filter plug to prevent overfilling. A comprehensive range of options is available.

Medical-Grade 1 ML Serological Pipette

Deeper manufacture serological pipette from transparent medical grade polystyrene (GPPS) and polyethylene (PE). Standard polystyrene material is thick, solid, and durable, with high transparency. Varied color circle marks reflect different capacity specifications, making them simple to recognize and use.

No DNase and RNase, no pyrogen, no endotoxin, and free from HUMAN DNA residue. In addition, it is sterilized by gamma irradiation. They are individually packaged and plugged in. Assure excellent product quality.

Medical-Grade 1 ML Serological Pipette
Unique Features

Unique Features

The 1ml serological pipette possesses distinctive characteristics.

  • Color coding. enabling you to determine the size quickly
  • Filter plug. removes lint filaments and provides a consistent mouthpiece
  • Blue graduations. For best clarity. Every 0.1ml, there are 0.01ml graduation lines highlighted.
  • Clear and concise scale. Fluid metering and dispensing are simplified using bidirectional graduations, black ascending, and descending graduations.

1 ML Serological Pipette Production

Deeper produce 1 ml pipette in 100 thousand class clean plant. More than 20 members in the QC department perform a batch inspection of units. After that, 100% full inspection is executed for the finished products. All products are function tested and inspected.

We have a competent quality assurance team that inspects raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. Because we built an automated production process, ensuring excellent quality products and efficient manufacturing processes.

If you have any questions regarding 1 ml serological pipette technology, manufacture, packaging, shipping, or application, please call us.

1 ML Serological Pipette Production

Why Choose Deeper to Custom Your 1 ML Serological Pipette

1 ML Serological Pipette-1
1 ML Serological Pipette-2

For over a decade, we have been one of China’s leading 1 ml serological pipette manufacturers. We offer various designs, colors, and other specifications. The pipettes are made of polystyrene for sterile serological and tissue culture applications.

Both the pipettes and the package are color-coded for easy identification. All pipettes have negative graduations for extra working volume and easy-to-read ascending. Descending graduations facilitates fluid measuring and dispensing. Deeper 1 ml serological pipettes are compatible with all joint pipette controllers. And suitable for a wide range of liquid handling applications.

Deeper has a wide range of serological pipette solutions to meet laboratory needs. So please send us your inquiries now.

Deeper 1 ML Serological Pipette

More Advantages

Deeper 1 ml serological pipette provides a lot of benefits for intended applications. It involves:

  • Thermal Shock Resistant -these pipettes have a low resistant expansion coefficient. Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Heat Resistant – Can endure high heat and direct flame.
  • Chemical Resistant – Superior resistance to corrosive substances and conditions.

Other characteristics include pressure resistance, temperature resistance, break resistance, etc.


Deeper serological pipettes, 1 ml, are primarily used to measure a particular volume of liquid and must be used with a pipette appropriate for the task. They are widely used in

  • Serological & Tissue Culture
  • Scientific Research Experiments
  • Clinical
  • Bacteriological
  • Microbiological, etc.

They’re ideal for use in professional laboratories, research, scientific schools, and even at home.

OEM 1 ML Serological Pipette to Rocket Your Business

1 ML Yellow Color-Code Serological Pipette

The 1ml yellow color-code serological pipette provides the highest level of accuracy. It has an aerosol barrier plug to keep liquid and aerosol pollution to a minimum. Anti-drip tips are built into pipettes.

Disposable Glass 1 ML Serological Pipette

Deeper design disposable glass 1 ml serological pipette features burr-free, consistent flow rates. It has long, slender, and tapered tips, making pipetting easier and faster. Negative graduations are included to increase the working volume.

1 ML Plastic Sterile Serological Pipette

One-ml plastic sterile serological pipettes are certificated RNase and DNase-free. They provide the best possible circumstances for aseptic cell/tissue culture procedures and general laboratory applications.

1 ML Lab Sterile Disposable Serological Pipette

The 1 ml lab sterile disposable serological pipette is ideal for bacteriology, tissue culture, clinical, and scientific research use. New pipette designs can adapt to practically all pipette brands on the market.

1 ML Adjustable Plastic Serological Pipettes

Deeper 1 ml adjustable plastic serological pipettes design has excellent optical clarity and precision. Graduation that is clear and easy to read. A colored vertical stripe makes it easier to read the volume.

Ultimate 1 ML Serological Pipette Manufacturer
Your Ultimate 1 ML Serological Pipette Manufacturer

Manufactured in 100-thousand grade clean room. CE and FDA certified. Free samples. Provide the highest level of accuracy. Multiple models options.

  • “Excellent pipette for laboratories and compounding pharmacies. It’s simple to replace the tip and utilize. We use it virtually every day, and the pipette is of excellent quality and durability.”

  • “Works for the project. Adjustable, easy, and dependable… It’sIt’s made a massive difference in the ease with which I can complete my job. “

  • “I didn’t test it down to the micro mill, but it’s dead on to the mil; therefore, it gets a strong 5 stars for accuracy for my uses.

    Life is made more accessible by tools. That is their goal. This tool accomplishes its goal admirably.”

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