Cell Culture Flask Supplier in China

Deeper offers cell culture flasks used for improved cell cultivation in your science department. To match your requirements, they are available with sloped, tilted, straight neck, or custom designs.

  • Made of 100% pure, high clarity polystyrene
  • DNase/Rnase free, non-pyrogenic
  • Packaged in zip-sealable and sterile bags
  • FDA & CE certified manufacturer

Deeper Cell Culture Flask

Cell culture flasks are created specifically for insect, microbial, or mammalian tissue regeneration and dissemination. They are typically made from polystyrene, borosilicate glass, and polycarbonate-based on your application. Aside from that, these custom flasks are available in different closure types, such as unvented or vented screw caps. We can tailor them for you if you have particular required details. Feel sure that all of our cell culture flasks are assembled in accordance with FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, and other standards to satisfy your exact specifications.

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Cell Culture Flask Features

High Clarity
High Clarity

Deeper offer high clarity laboratory supplies including cell culture flasks. They are economical and suitable for lab experiments, cell dissemination, and more.

High Protection
High Protection

Since made in class 100,000 cleanroom facilities, each is guaranteed safe, clean, and multipurpose. They are totally free against Dnase/Rnase and more impurities.


We created custom cell culture flasks with excellent leak-proof construction. It made these flasks free of multiple microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

Heat Resistant
Heat Resistant

Customized cell culture flasks can resist high temperatures up to 120 °C while lower to -80°C. They are able to withstand extreme hot/cold temperatures.

Features to Consider

When you are planning to purchase bulk cell culture flasks for your business or examination projects, consider the following features.

Strong construction: Choose cell culture flasks with thick walls. It provides strength for better mechanical stress resistance.

Neck width: Wider neck gives simpler access to the growth surface with a pipette or scraper.

Closure options: 1/3-turn cap allow independent working and prevents wrist tensions.

Sterility commitment level: If all flasks have SAL features, it means all of them are guaranteed sterile and safe.

Volume graduation: Printed/molded for quicker measuring of growth media.

Types of Cell Culture Flask
Features to Consider

Two Types of Cell Culture Flask

1. Cell Culture Flasks for Viscous Cells:

  • Sizes available: T225/T25/T175/T75
  • Featuring angled, wide neck for simple access
  • Lot-to-lot confirmed and cell culture treated
  • Reliable, consistent, and reproductive

2. Cell Culture Flasks for Suspension Cells:

  • Sizes available: T175/T25/T75
  • Non-treated cell culture flasks
  • Easy to identify white cap

Cell Culture Flask Production

Deeper ensures that all of our cell culture flasks are of excellent quality. As a result, we manufacture your cell culture flasks in a Class 100,000 cleanroom atmosphere. We also guarantee that we are certified in compliance with the following standards:

  • FDA
  • CE
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ISO13485:2016
Cell Culture Flask Production

Why Choose Deeper Cell Culture Flask

Deeper is a leading China-based manufacturer of research lab resources. We offer a large selection of scientific instruments, including cell culture flasks. To manufacture these units, we use the most advanced and streamlined fabrication equipment.

Custom flasks are manufactured in 100-thousand-class cleanrooms. As a result, you can be confident that it is free from impurities such as DNA, RNase, and DNAse. All finished products are inspected by our competent Quality Assurance team. We examine the capabilities of each flask and scrutinize them throughout the process.

Allow our capabilities to support your custom flask needs! For urgent orders, we can speed up the delivery time.

Deeper Cell Culture Flask

Customization Services

Choose Deeper to custom your required cell culture flasks. Our customization services include:

  • Flask materials
  • Colors, designs
  • Custom logo/labels
  • Sizes, shapes
  • Cap opening types
  • Non- or totally sterile

Furthermore, we can print your company’s logo on the flask’s exterior. Using fine permanent ink, we write clearly both on the cap and the side walls. Deeper can create one-of-a-kind cell culture flasks to match your task requirements.


Deeper has collaborated with various science labs in fields such as molecular biology, health sciences, and related industries. The custom flasks are also widely applied in:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Research Laboratories
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences

Deeper can meet your sample handling necessities whether you’re a research scientist, an industrial designer, or a healthcare practitioner.

Custom Cell Culture Flask to Fit Your Applications

5 Layer Cell Culture Flask

We offer 5 layer cell culture flasks with viable, consistent, and high cell yields capacity. These flask types provide sustained culture conditions, with protection from leaks and overflow.

Sterile Culture Flask

Our sterile culture flask can handle about 1,900ml liquid volume. It provides wide writing spaces and notable stacking feet which allow reliable flasks stacking. These types have slip-free, secure, and leak-proof construction.

Treated Tissue Culture Flask

The treated tissue culture flask is ideal for suspension cells. It has surface-initiated growth space for optimum adhesion of the cells. These flasks are reasonable yet high-quality lab tools.

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Deeper – One-Stop Cell Culture Flask Manufacturer

If your lab has individual needs, Deeper can customize your required cell culture flasks. We can provide OEM services based on your specifications. It entails flask development, styling, labeling options, and more services. Send us your inquiry now!

  • “Deeper provides us with cost-effective yet high-quality cell culture flasks. I would wholeheartedly suggest Deeper to everyone looking for culture flasks that are best suited for any lab experimental application!”

  • “We ordered and tested cell culture flasks from other suppliers, but the quality appears to be disappointing. In fairness to Deeper, they provide us with superior quality, long-lasting culture flasks. We are very satisfied, thank you!”

  • “I am extremely pleased with Deeper cell culture flasks! All have smooth surfaces and uniform thicknesses. Most importantly, they are tailored to my specifications. We will gladly collaborate with Deeper again on future projects!”

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